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For decades, millions of boys and girls in America have been raised without a father. This has created a void in the lives of many young people because of the absence of the wisdom and caring that a good dad provides. Young men and women who feel that they are missing something important by not having a dad in their lives, and who are eighteen years of age or older, are welcome to try to help fill this void with The Dad Link.


What is The Dad Link?

The Dad Link is an innovative, free service that connects a young man or woman who does not have access to a father’s perspective with an experienced father who is willing and able to provide it. The Dad Link relies on phone and video conversations, not in-person contacts, aimed at building helpful and rewarding one-on-one relationships between Dad Link Dads and Dad Link Sons and Daughters.

Does a Dad Link Dad take the place of a biological father?

Hardly. Nothing can replace the love, sacrifice, guidance and hard work of a real dad. But many young people don’t have such a dad in their corner for any number of unfortunate reasons. However, a good man who volunteers as a Dad Link Dad can help address this absence by linking with a young person seeking some support, wisdom and insight from an experienced father.

What Does a Dad Link Dad Do?

He listens. And listens. And listens some more. He tries to understand the world that his Dad Link Son or Daughter lives in, both big picture and day to day. He might try to help his Dad Link Son or Daughter think through options before making a choice. He might help spot a problem or recognize an opportunity ahead. He might play the role of cheerleader, mentor or coach. Or he might just provide an ear when a young man or woman simply needs someone to talk to.

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See these Frequently Asked Questions

A man who is a father, often with grown kids, who is happy to share his wisdom and the lessons he has learned as a parent with a young man or woman whose father is not active in his or her life.
They are young men and women, 18 years of age or older, who do not have a dad involved in their lives. They might be just starting out in life and have questions about where to begin. Or they might be parents themselves who are trying to do a good job with their own kids. Whatever their situation, Dad Link Sons and Dad Link Daughters are curious about the possibility of a Dad Link Dad offering something that is missing in their lives, even if it is a man who will listen to them and pay attention to their concerns.
No. The Dad Link is strictly for adults. All Dad Link Sons and Daughters must be 18 years of age or older.
No. All conversations take place via phone or video chat. There is no physical, in-person contact between a Dad Link Dad and his Dad Link Son or Daughter.

"It will be wonderful to be a Dad Link Dad. I will be able to offer some perspectives to a young man or woman who did not have a father when growing up. It will be great to have a positive effect on someone like that and create a life long bond. Thank you for this opportunity."

"I grew up without a father figure in my life. I looked to my mom for guidance and advice but still always felt a void. It will be great to connect with someone who genuinely wants to help and talk to me. Thank you for what I believe will be an amazing experience."

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Dad Link Dads are not certified coaches, professional social workers, or parenting experts. They have often been very successful in their chosen careers, either white collar or blue collar, but they typically are not child psychologists, family therapists, or social science professors. While they have studied some “best practices” materials on fatherhood and counselling provided by Fathers & Families, Inc., the most important credential Dad Link Dads bring to the table is their life experience as reasonably successful (not perfect) fathers who have learned a lot by raising their sons and daughters over the years.
Dad Link Dads do not give official or expert advice on issues involving the law, childhood custody, physical/emotional problems, investments, and other issues that are better handled by lawyers, doctors, therapists, social workers, financial advisors and other professionals. Dad Link Dads will not hesitate to recommend seeking consultation from content expert professionals when appropriate. For example, any Dad Link Son or Daughter troubled with thoughts of suicide will be strongly encouraged to immediately contact a suicide hotline. Those with a possible medical problem will be urged to see a medical professional. Making such recommendations are part of what good dads do.
No. Dad Link Dads will try to offer perspectives on various issues or help shape options that Dad Link Sons or Daughters may want to consider as they move forward. But Dad Link Sons and Daughters will be solely responsible for making their own decisions and will have full ownership of the results of the decisions they make, including seeking consultation from content expert professionals.
Interested fathers (Dad Link Dads) and interested young men and women (Dad Link Sons and Daughters) fill out a simple, confidential application. The Dad Link reviews the applications and then holds a private screening conversation with each applicant. The Dad Link will look for a match that seems to work, and then introduces the prospective Dad Link Dad with the prospective Dad Link Son or Daughter for the first time via phone or video chat. After that, the Dad Link Dad and the Dad Link Son or Daughter, if they both agree, may continue the one-on-one conversations in the mode and frequency of their choosing.

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"Bill McCusker is a trusted colleague in the mission to help children and strengthen families. His personal drive to respond to the needs of so many young adults (male and female), who do not have access to fatherly advice from an experienced father, has led him to develop The Dad Link, a creative, innovative, and free service, that connects a young man or woman to an experienced Father. The Strong Families Commission, Incorporated, an advocate for greater father family involvement, fully applauds and supports this exploratory initiative, and looks forward to assisting in its further development.” -Rufus Sylvester Lynch

Dr. Rufus Sylvester Lynch, ACSW
NASW Social Work Pioneer (R)
Founder & Chair
The Strong Families Commission, Incorporated