Dad Link Dads

How do Dad Link Dads get started?

It starts with your completing a confidential application that provides us some personal information and preferences. We will then contact you for a preliminary phone discussion. The Dad Link then matches interested potential Dad Link Dads with potential Dad Link Sons or Daughters who will also have completed an application. Once this match is established, The Dad Link will introduce the Dad Link Dad and the Dad Link Son or Daughter by phone or video chat for the first time. It is our goal to have the same Dad Link Dad and Dad Link Son or Daughter remain in touch for the next and subsequent conversations so that they can establish a relationship with the desirable familiarity and understanding between each person.


Complete the confidential application.




    Race (optional):

    Religion (optional):



    Briefly state why you’d like to be a Dad Link Dad.

    Your Dad Link Son or Daughter:

    Do you have any preferences or requirements related to gender, race, language, age, etc.?

    Are there any other considerations we should consider in matching you with your Dad Link Son or Dad Link Daughter?

    Contacting you:

    What is the best phone number and time of day for an initial discussion?


    By returning this application, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

    • The Dad Link has my authority to contact me to review my application.

    • My participation as a Dad Link Dad will be unpaid and voluntary.

    • My Dad Link Son or Daughter, The Dad Link, and I can end participation in The Dad Link at any time.

    • I will hold harmless The Dad Link, Fathers & Families, and my Dad Link Son or Daughter on all matters.

    My signature:

    Thank you!

    Are you interested but not yet ready to apply? Please send any questions to [email protected].